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Acids and Alkalis (for tablets)

This app is provide to you for free, so that you may try the ScienceWerkz experience before getting a full subscription to ALL of the ScienceWerkz tablet apps.

*****A perfect app for a chemistry or integrated science course that is designed to address the needs of all students.  An engaging exploration of acids and alkalis utilizing video, animation, experiments and more with practical, everyday applications as well.  

*****Covers the subtopics of:
+ Taste
+ Texture/Corrosiveness
+ Reaction with Indicators
+ Properties of Acids and Alkalis
+ Neutralization
+ Reactions of Acids with Metals
+ Reaction of Acids with Carbonates
+ Uses of Acids and Alkalis

***** Includes Virtual and Real Experiments:
+ Universal Indicator
+ Litmus Paper
+ Methyl orange & Phenolpthalein
+ Instructions for hands-on experiment using red cabbage
+ Instructions for hands-on experiment using cola soft drinks
+ Instructions for hands-on experiment for inflating balloons using a chemical reaction

***** Presents demonstrations:
+ Use of red cabbage indicator on a cooked egg
+ Hydrochloric acid and its reaction with carbonates

***** Other Key Features:
+ Self-assessment check points
+ Several videos (with narration)
+ Think! and Do You Know? for greater engagement
+ Main Points summary
+ Concept Map
+ Test Yourself (summary questions)