ScienceWerkz users worldwide!

                                           ScienceWerkz users worldwide!

ScienceWerkz Apps

What is ScienceWerkz®?  It is an engaging set of interactive applications that are downloaded to your hardware device.  Therefore, once they are downloaded to your computer or tablet, you do NOT need an internet connection for the product to function.  No more worries as to whether your internet service is working on a daily basis.

For computers, whether they are WindowsOS or MacOS, you’ll buy the computer-based apps.  For tablets, you’ll need to either purchase iPad-based or Android-based apps – depending on your type of tablet.

What is the cost of ScienceWerkz®?  ScienceWerkz is offered to schools as a full annual subscription which includes access to ALL of the ScienceWerkz eBook apps (you choose either iPad, Android tablet, or computer version) or to the specific ScienceWerkz titles you wish to have.  Thus, there are three types of subscriptions:

a) Teacher or Home Subscription – one device only – US$24 for an annual subscription.

b) School Site Subscription (for teachers and students) – install on as many devices as users – US$6 per user for an annual subscription.

c) Per Title Subscription - install on as many devices as users - US$1.99 per title per user


(Note: Pricing for specific countries in the Asia Pacific region may differ, inquire here –> Contact Us.)