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Changes in Matter (for tablets)

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*****A perfect app for an integrated science, chemistry, or physical science course that is designed to engage students to explore the topic of changes in matter.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic.

*****Covers the subtopics of:
+ Physical Change and Chemical Change
+ Reactants, Products and Conditions
+ Law of Conservation of Mass or Matter
+ Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy
+ Transformation from a Solid to a Gas
+ Expansion and Contraction
+ Combination and Combustion
+ Thermal Decomposition
+ Photosynthesis
+ Photography                                                                                              
+ Magnetization
+ Electric Bulb

+ Electrolysis of Water
+ Various Examples of Mixing
+ Ferroliquid
+ Useful and Harmful Chemical Reactions

***** Includes:
+ A hands-on experiment involving salt water and sunlight
+ A hands-on activity using steel wool and vinegar
+ Many video demonstrations showcasing examples of the reactions described
+ Word equations for the types of reactions reviewed
+ Practical examples

***** Other Key Features:
+ Self-assessment check points and test-yourself interactives
+ Several videos with narration
+ Think! and Do You Know? for greater engagement
+ Main Points summary
+ Concept Map
+ Test Yourself (summary questions)