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Diversity of Animals and Plants (for tablets)

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*****A perfect app for a life science or biology course that is designed to engage students to explore the topic of classification.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic.

*****Covers the subtopics of:
Grouping living organisms
Kingdom Monera
Kingdom Protista
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Plantae
Kingdom Animalia
Flowering Plants

Mosses and Liverworts
Invertebrates (many examples with classification characteristics)
Vertebrates (many examples with classification characteristics)
Making a Dichotomous Key

Many examples of organisms both common and uncommon.
Drag and drop feedback for checkpoints for self-assessment
Opportunity to create a dichotomous key 

***** Other Key Features:
- Think! and Explore This for greater engagement
- Main Points summary
- Concept Map
- Test Yourself (summary questions)