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Ecology 2 (for tablets)

Watch the video for a quick look inside.

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*****A perfect app for a life science or biology course that is designed to engage students to explore the topic of ecology.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic.  Be sure to get Ecology 1 as well, in order to complete the topic.  

*****Covers the subtopics of:
+ What is a producer? consumer? food chain? population? ecological niche? 
+ Interactions between organisms in ecosystems, such as producer/consumer, predator/prey, and parasite/host relationships
+ The role of decomposers in an ecosystem
+ Food Chains and Food Webs
+ Trophic Levels

+ Pyramids of Numbers
+ Pyramids of Biomass
+ Pyramids of Energy
+ Human Impact on Environment and Organisms in Ecosystems

+ Amazing examples of adaptations using different types of mimicry
+ Drag and drop activities
+ Explorations building and adjusting ecological pyramids
+ Many images and videos showcasing examples of organisms and their environment

***** Other Key Features:
+ Think! and Do You Know? for greater engagement
+ Main Points summary
+ Concept Map
+ Test Yourself (summary questions)