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Measuring Time, Rate and Speed (for tablets)

This app is available to members who have a subscription for ScienceWerkz apps for tablets. You can also purchase it separately - request a quote today!

*****A perfect app for any science course that requires students to apply the understandings of measuring time, rate, and speed.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic. Students explore the topics using practical examples and math.

***** Covers the subtopics of:
+ Units of time (both S.I. and others)
+ Biological clocks
+ Instruments for Measuring Time
+ Mechanical and Electronic Stopwatch
+ Cyclometer and Speedometer
+ Blinking Rate
+ Consumption Rates
+ Time, Distance and Speed
+ Average speed

***** Includes the following:
+ An activity identifying how far away lighting is
+ A functional electronic stopwatch (to a hundreth of a second)
+ A Think! prompting calculating one’s rate of energy consumption of electricity at home 
+ Animated examples showing calculations for average speed
+ Opportunity to predict using current understanding of fast movements from the animal kingdom

***** Other Key Features:
+ Self-assessment check point
+ Several videos (some with narration)
+ Think! and Do You Know? for greater engagement
+ Main Points summary
+ Concept Map
+ Test Yourself (summary questions)