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Measuring Volume, Mass, Density and Temperature (for tablets)

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*****A perfect app for a physical science, chemistry, biology or integrated science course that is designed to engage students to explore measuring volume, mass, density and temperature and the relationships between each.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic.

*****Covers the subtopics of:
Measuring Volume
What is the S.I. unit of volume?
What apparatuses are used to measure volume and why?
Graduated cylinder
Erlenmeyer flask
Volumetric flask
What is a meniscus?
What are the formulas for measuring volumes of regular solids?
How do we measure the volume of an irregular solid?
Measuring Mass                                                                                   
What is the S.I. unit of mass?
What instruments are used for measuring mass and why?

Beam balances                                                                             Electronic balances
Spring balances
Measuring Density
What is the S.I. unit of density?
What is the relationship between volume and mass?
What substances would float or sink in water?
Measuring Temperature
What is the S.I. unit of temperature?
What instruments are used for measuring temperature?
Digital thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Clinical thermometer
Laboratory thermometer

Hands-on investigations one can do at home or school
Many virtual experiments
Videos demonstrating instrument use
‘Think!’ questions and “Do You Know?” prompts to encourage critical-thinking

***** Other Key Features:
- Checkpoints
- Main Points summary
- Concept Map
- Test Yourself (summary questions)