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Solutions and Suspensions (for tablets)

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*****A perfect app for a physical science, chemistry or integrated science course that is designed to engage students to explore the the concepts of solutions and suspensions.  It is designed to address the needs of all students in the topic.

*****Covers the subtopics of:
- What does it mean for substances to dissolve?
- How do substances dissolve?
- What does it mean to be a solute?
- What does it mean to be a solvent?
- What defines a solution?
- What do particles have to do with solutions?
- Filtration
- Characteristics of a solution
- Types of solutions
- What is solubility?
- What factors effect solubility?
      -Nature of Solute
      -Nature of Solvent

- What factors effect the rate of dissolving?
      -Rate of stirring
      -Temperature of the solution
      -Size of the solute particles
-What defines a suspension?
-Characteristics of a suspension
-Types of Suspensions
       -Solid-solid mix
       -Solid-liquid mix
       -Solid-gas mix
       -Liquid-liquid mix
       -Liquid-gas mix
       -Gas-gas mix

Hands-on investigations one can do at home or school
Application of concepts to everyday items
Several videos and animations
Several ‘Think!’ questions to encourage critical-thinking

***** Other Key Features:
- Checkpoints
- Main Points summary
- Concept Map
- Test Yourself (summary questions)